Niche Arabia is a consultancy firm specializing in luxury marketing in the GCC. With extensive knowledge in both the Gulf and Western markets, Niche possesses the business acumen to position your brand for optimal market penetration and sales. Niche consists of a number of industry professionals, who together possess more than 50 years of experience in fashion, marketing, digital, and corporate branding. Niche has a regional network of strategic partners that specialize in PR, visual communication, branding, and digital architecture.


Marketing & Retail Consulting

Niche provides strategic planning based on industry research, leverages its unique network to assist in its clients’ marketing objectives. From visual merchandising to training in sales, Niche is able to offer an A-to-Z solution for most retail needs.

Affinity Marketing

Niche aims to engage in partnerships, effectively utilizing them with promotions and cross-marketing activities, and creating mutually beneficial packages to leverage the benefit of partnership marketing strategies.

Creative Direction

Niche is able to tie-in market knowledge together with years of experience in the creative industry. From determining the overall look to assisting in the creative process, we provide mood boards and recommendations to articulate aesthetic goals and ensure all elements stay true to the brand’s DNA.

Influencer Engagement

Niche has unparalleled access to both high profile online and offline influencers, as well as a detailed VIP database. In addition, our extensive experience enables us to leverage their influence in order to attain real results in customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Event Concept & Execution

Niche has become renowned for our unique marketing activations. From brand launches and fashion shows, to exclusive trunk shows and pop-ups, Niche ensures optimal exposure through our targeted database of attendees.

Public Relations & Media Blocking

One of the few agencies to provide customized digital public relations, Niche is connected with a number of online influencers and has the ability to not only manage Social Media platforms, but create engaging and unique content for optimal exposure.

Business Development & Brand Diversification

From restructuring to business development, Niche provides thorough analysis in order to present the best solutions for any “problem areas’ within a company.

Recruitment & Sales Staff Training

With the demands of Saudization and the application of a new workforce in the market, Niche is able to help with recruitment, employee retention and specialized training.

Content Management & Development

Niche not only manages your content, it also creates it for you. Our content generation, which is offered in both Arabic and English, is developed with the intent of optimal interaction and penetration.

Sales & Media Blocking

Niche has established relationships with both local titles, such as Hia Magazine and Sayidaty Magazine, and international titles such as Condé Nast Traveller, Architectural Digest Middle East, Marie Claire Arabia, and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Niche is positioned to optimize client placement and maximize regional and international media exposure.


Marriam Mossalli’s career as a fashion editor and luxury consultant has made her an established name in the international fashion industry. Her invitation as the only Arab professional to the Celebration of Design Gala, hosted by the United States of America’s First Lady Michelle Obama, cemented her status as a leader and ambassador for the regional fashion scene in the Middle East. She had also been invited as an entrepreneur and cultural activist to CULTRUNNERS Public Storytelling Symposium, which was a joint venture between Art Jameel, Edge of Arabia, and MIT’s Program in Art, Culture & Technology.

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