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Niche Arabia

Niche is a consultancy firm specializing in luxury marketing. With extensive knowledge in both the Gulf and Western markets, Niche possesses the business acumen to position your brand for optimal market penetration and sales.

Niche consists of a number of industry professionals, who together possess more than 50 years of experience in fashion, marketing, digital and corporate branding. Niche has a regional network of strategic partners that specialize in PR, visual communication, branding and digital architecture.

Niche Arabia | Luxury Consulting




Niche Arabia | Marriam Mossalli with Christian Louboutin

Marriam Mossalli initially began her career in branding. She eventually made the transition to publishing and launched a new magazine focusing on design and the arts. Following this success, Marriam started the Life & Style section of the largest English language daily in the Middle East. It was during this tenure that Marriam attended the main fashion weeks in New York, Milan, London and Paris, and began building an impressive portfolio of interviews with all of fashion’s heavyweights. From Diane von Frustenburg and Christian Louboutin, to Michael Kors and Carolina Herrera, Marriam established amazing rapport with the international fashion scene through her charismatic demure and valuable insight into the Gulf market.

In 2011, Marriam decided to monetize her relationships with the international fashion world by establishing Niche, a consulting firm that services the luxury fashion industry. In less than a year, Niche was already catering to high-profile clients, such as Burberry, Carolina Herrera, Tag Heuer and Harvey Nichols.

Niche Arabia | Marriam Mossalli - Glamour Globals

Today, Marriam has emerged as one of the region’s leading thinkers on fashion and digital media. International brands and media regularly call upon Marriam ’s expertise. In her consulting work with Niche, she acts as a bridge between the industry’s most gifted creative and business talent and shapes strategies for optimal penetration into the unique market segments of the GCC.

Her writing has been published in all over the world, and she has been named Editor-at-Large for a number of international titles over the years. Her book on branding, Glamour Globals, in which she co-authored with three Saudi consultants, has been out since March 2013.

Marriam possesses a unique background due to her Saudi American heritage and international education in Lugano, Switzerland and Washington, D.C. She graduated from George Washington University with honors.




Public Relations and Media Booking
• One of the few agencies to provide customized digital public relations, Niche is connected with a number of online influencers and has the ability to not only manage Social Media platforms, but create engaging and unique content for optimal exposure.

Event Concept and Execution
• Niche has become renowned for our unique marketing activations. From brand launches and fashion shows, to exclusive trunk shows and pop-ups, Niche ensures optimal exposure through our targeted database of attendees.

Content Management and Development
• Niche not only manages your content, it also creates it for you. Our content generation, which is offered in both Arabic and English, is developed with the intent of optimal interaction and reach.

Recruitment & Sales Staff Training
• With the demands of Saudization and the application of a new workforce in the market, Niche is able to help with recruitment, employee retention, and specialized training.

Marketing and Retail Consulting
• Niche provides strategic planning based on industry research, and leverages its unique network to assist in its clients’ marketing objectives. From visual merchandising to training in sales, Niche is able to offer an A-to-Z solution for most retail needs.

VIP Fashion Concierge
• Niche’s Fashion Concierge team has a solid expertise in the fashion industry and an extensive network of high-profile designers. Thus, allowing access to the most exclusive trunk shows, fashion events, & fashion shows.

Affinity Marketing
• Niche aims to engage in partnerships, effectively utilizing them with promotions and cross-marketing activities, and creating mutually beneficial packages to leverage the benefit of partnership marketing strategies.

Business Development and Brand Diversification
• From restructuring to business development, Niche provides thorough audits in order to present the best solutions for any “problem areas” within a company.

Brand Representation
• Our team of experienced buyers and agents allows Niche to leverage its industry insight into creating distribution, licensing, and Points of Sale channels.

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