Who We Are

Niche is a luxury consultancy firm with unique insight into both the Gulf and Western markets. With years of experience in an extensive range of aspects within the fashion industry, including advertising, media, event planning, and publishing; Niche possesses a comprehensive business acumen that drives cross-functional initiatives aimed at directly improving brand recognition, awareness, and relevance.

Clients achieve strategically directed media coverage and publicity, contributing to their business development and aligned with their brand positioning.

As a pioneer of the fashion media industry in the Middle East, Niche has built not only a strong network of media relationships, but also a honed intuition that optimizes Niche’s effectiveness in the realm of media and PR.

Niche’s engaging style inspires your high-performance
team and builds a level of trust allowing for innovative
collaborations that yield real results.

Download our English company profile here: http://issuu.com/niche_arabia_services_english

Download our Arabic company profile here : http://issuu.com/niche_arabia_service_arabic